Following a couple of years in the wilderness (ie. Charlton) Steve Ditko returned to the big time at DC in 1968. His new concepts for the company included The Hawk and the Dove (a none too subtle comment on the anti-Vietnam war feelings then sweeping the nation), and the subject of this ad: The Creeper. Given a debut outing in Showcase, the somewhat madcap character quickly gained his own series, Beware the Creeper. It ran for six issues, all of which benefited from Ditko’s magical art. Most issues were scripted by Denny O’Neil, a Charlton alumnus himself, and former Charlton editor in chief Dick Giordano wielded the blue pencil, a job for which he was specifically recommended by Ditko.

Subsequent to the book’s cancellation, DC didn’t really know what to do with the Creeper, so he generally pops up in guest slots and backups — if he appears at all. But those initial outings are worth a look. Handily, they have recently been collected.

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