Do's and Don't of Dating with Page Peterson

So, in Page’s latest patient/victim, we find Maria, a girl wrestling with the age-old question of how much is too much? Bill is unimpressed by gals who splash on a lot of makeup, considering them “phoney”. But, when Maria invites him over, and he finds her sitting in a dressing gown with her curlers still in… well, Bill splits in a huff. Men, eh? Who can read their minds?

Well, thank goodness, Page Peterson can. She knows that when Bill says “natural”, he doesn’t really mean that at all. He likes a stubble-free leg and armpit, and prefers not to cut his hand while running his fingers through his gal’s hair. Chastened, Maria will be sure to groom her privates in private in future.

I’m not sure of the penciller here, though it may be Ric Estrada. The inks are by Jack Abel.

Image ©2011 DC Comics