Life of Christ: The Easter Story

The Life of Christ: The Easter Story, 1993

Published by Marvel in 1993, with some specialised distribution to the religious market by Christian publisher Thomas Nelson, this was one of several Christian-themed comics from the House of Ideas. Others included a biography of Pope John Paul II; the life of St Francis; and a companion to this comic that told of Jesus’s birth. I believe these were kept in print and were available for many years.

I must admit that I don’t actually own a copy of this, but I need to rectify that as I’ve discovered that it is in part pencilled by one of my favourite artists, Colleen Doran. As I pride myself in maintaining a fairly complete library of her work, I’m going to have to do a little searching to add this item. The primary artist is Mary Wilshire, who also drew The Christmas Story, and the cover is by Scott McDaniel—whom you’re probably more likely to recognise from his having drawn the adventures of Dick Grayson for many years. While I’m not able to provide a direct link, you can see a lot more of McDaniel’s Christian art—including some lovely Easter images—at A mini-bio of Mary Wilshire—whose work on Wonder Woman is, sadly, all that I’m familiar with—can be found HERE.

I’ve not been able to find any of the art online, but I did have a brief chat with Colleen about her work on the comic.

Gorilla Daze: Do you remember anything about Marvel’s The Easter Story?

Colleen Doran: “I do—it was a fill-in emergency! Mary Wilshire went into labor and they needed someone to step in and handle the art chores. A few days after I started, Marvel called and asked if Mary could have it back because she needed the work to help support her new family. I only did a few pages.”

GD: Louise Simonson was the writer. Were you working from a full script, or “Marvel-style” scene breakdowns?

Doran: “It was full script.”

GD: Did you do any research?

Doran: “It was an emergency. There really wasn’t any time to do much research, or even a decent job.”

GD: Sounds like a tough gig.

Doran: “Well, there was no way I was going to say no. I was working on a comic book about Jesus—and Mary had just had a baby..!”

Image ©2011 Marvel Comics