Kirby advert

In 1970 Jack Kirby shocked the comics world by suddenly quitting Marvel Comics. DC had acquired his services with a record-busting deal agreed by editorial director Carmine Infantino. Naturally enough DC was excited and trumpeted his arrival long and loud: was any previous artist afforded a similar advertising campaign? “The Great One is Coming!” proclaims this great full page ad from July 1970 — a full three months before Kirby’s first comic for DC (Jimmy Olsen #133) appeared on the stands! In the months ahead smaller ads cried out, “Kirby is Coming!” and, finally, “Kirby is Here!”

The Boom Tube is, of course, one of the central concepts of Kirby’s “Fourth World.” A series so full of ideas it was quite literally — as stated here — terrifying. Awesome wonders filled every page of some 50 or so comics, and then were gone.

What started with a Boom, quietly ended with a whimper.

And comics were never quite the same again.

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