Thrill-o-Rama #1, October 1965

One of Joe Simon’s latter-day editorial efforts for Harvey, this used up inventory material left over from the comics cull of 1957. Bob Powell drew the lead Fate strip, as he had done through four issues of The Man in Black in the previous decade. “The Hate Cupids” is a peculiar tale of Venus and cupid teaming up to thwart the Man in Black’s attempts to arrange the early death of a sculptor who’s working for Saladin. It’s clearly intended to be humorous, but it’s not a great success.

The back-up stories are by Powell, Doug Wildey and George Tuska. The best of these is “The Old Hulk” which sees a band of stranded astronauts come across a mysterious abandoned spacecraft on a remote asteroid. Elsewhere, “This is How it Might Have Happened” (a regular feature from The Man in Black) shows how a small change to a seemingly insignificant event can dramatically change the outcome, meaning the difference between life and death for the lead character!

Cover by Joe Simon.

image ©2010 Harvey/the respective copyright holder