Wonder Woman #130, May1962

Wonder Woman #130

“The Mirage Mirrors” opens with Diana Prince realising that Steve Trevor always favours Wonder Woman when it comes to dates. No matter how many times she asks Steve out, he always blanks her, prefering to wait for the beauteous Amazon. Even if Diana does get a date with Steve, he spends the whole time talking about Wonder Woman. Diana is angry and upset — especially as Steve never gives her a compliment about her figure!

Diana Prince is angry!

WW does what any sensible young woman with man trouble would: she flies home to mom. On Paradise Island, Queen Hippolyta tells WW of the time she was courting Hercules. It seems that Hercules wasn’t paying her enough attention, so she taught him a lesson using a pair of “mirage mirrors”. The mirrors worked for Hippolyta, so WW takes them home with her.

Steve asks Diana out on a date and her heart melts. Unfortunately, when she calls Steve, he mistakes her voice for WW and tells her that now he’ll have to, “wiggle out of my date with Diana Prince — so I can take YOU to the charity carnival!” Disgusted, Diana slams down the phone and determines to use the mirrors.

Later, Steve breaks his date with Diana — caringly telling her that, “Wonder Woman comes first! She’s so beautiful — she makes everyone else look like mud hens!” Including Diana, we suppose… Nice guy, that Steve Trevor.

Steve Trevor: laughing stock!

WW meets Steve and they go to the carnival. While there, WW leads Steve over to a mirror. He is startled to see WW’s fat reflection. He’s even more horrified when he looks over and see that there’s now a fat WW standing next to him for real. He hangs his head in shame as everyone at the carnival laughs at him and the fat chick.

Wonder Woman as bowling ball

The Angle Man and his gang arrive to steal the charity money. Steve runs to tackle them, concerned that WW is now helpless in the shape she’s in. However, WW rolls herself into a ball and trundles after the gang. “Open up, it’s Wonder Woman!” shouts one of the gang. “She looks like a volley ball!”

“Let the air out’ve her!” cries another.


WW saves the day and Steve is relieved when he sees she’s returned to normal size. “I guess I must have had a nightmare in the daytime!” he surmises. His capacity for self-delusion is great.

At the next mirror, Steve sees WW as a tall thin stick figure and is again shocked and embarrassed as he’s laughed at. Suddenly, the Angle Man attacks again, this time in a helicopter. Luckily, being so tall, WW is easily able to pluck the helicopter out of the sky and bring the Angle Man to earth with a thud.

WW looks round and sees that Steve has run off. “He didn’t even have the courtesy to spend the rest of the evening with me, just because I didn’t look as beautiful as he thought!” she laments.

Shortly, Steve appears again and asks Diana out on a date. Obviously, she’s now the best he’s gonna manage tonight. He is gobsmacked when Diana turns him down: she’s going on a date with Superman!

Diana Prince and Superman

Robert Kanigher wrote it, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito drew it. The same team worked on Wonder Woman’s adventures for over ten years. Naturally, we’ll be seeing a lot more of their collective wisdom in the Gorilla Daze to come.