Fired up Excel this afternoon and began to compile a proper ‘wants’ list. Like most comics fans I always carry a list around with me just in case I ever find myself in a position to buy a few back issues. However, that list, tatty as it now is, has never been particularly complete — many is the time that I’ve pulled it out to check the status of a tasty-looking comic I’ve pulled out of the back issue bin, only to find no mention of the title.

It’s frustrating. If you buy the comic, you’ll get home to find you already have it; if you don’t, you find it’s the one that would have completed a run. The life of a completist is a tough one!

Anyway, I’ve started doing the research to compile my ultimate wants list. I currently have three collecting goals, as well as wanting to complete a few runs. For the latter, that means the 10 outstanding issues I need for a complete set of Lois Lane. Once that’s done, I’ll move on to fill in the gaps in my Jimmy Olsen collection. Then there’s gaps in my Avengers collection…

The three main goals, and what I’ll be concentrating on over the next few years are:

Every DC comic published between 1970 and 1976. Essentially, everything DC did when Carmine Infantino was the head honcho. It was a very exciting time for DC, with Carmine experimenting with all kind of new formats. Mind you, finding the details of every comic within those parameters is taking some doing!

Superman #245

The second goal is a subset of that: Every DC 100-Page comic. I’ll probably focus on getting those first. They’re such wonderful comics, big and chunky in your hands, and full of surprises.

Thirdly, and more expensively, I’m after all the DC Jack Adler covers. Also known as ‘grey tone’ covers, these were something that DC was trying out in the late-1950s/early 1960s. Under the auspices of DC production boss Adler, the covers were initially completed as tonal pencil art to which Adler then added subtle watercolours, producing a very effective result. The best of them are extremely striking.

Sea Devils #13

I already have quite a few of the DC comics, so I’m well on the way there. DC 100-pagers, I have around 30 0ut of more than 100. The Jack Adler covers I’ve only just started with, and it’s proving a challenge to even find a list of them!

Wish me luck…

Covers ©2008 DC Comics