Super Baby advertisement

Was there ever anything more embarrassing than a relative pulling out photos of your baby pictures to show the world? Here, Superman discovers just what that feels like as his cousin excitedly shares “a whole issue devoted to our adventures as super babies!” Crumbs! — you’ve gotta feel for the poor guy!

This is an ad for Superman #212 (Dec 1968), which was an 80-Page Giant  chock full of the super cousins’ toddling days. Because Superbaby was already well established as the little Superman, the nappy-clad Supergirl was saddled with the descriptive, but somewhat clumsy, “girl Superbaby” appellation.

Jerry Siegel’s original notion for Superboy was Superman as a very young, and very naughty toddler in tales of mischief, mayhem and mirth. I suspect it’s just as well that these ideas never came to full fruition — what we did get was daft enough! That said, these stories are a lot of fun and make for a charming read.

Image ©2010 DC Comics