Super Friends #5

So, I hear you cry, Super Friends #5 — what’s so special about that then?

Well, the comic itself, published in June 1977, is not particularly outstanding, being a kind of junior take on the Justice League of America, written by E Nelson Bridwell and drawn by Ramona Fradon. Based on the cartoon of the same name, it’s a fun, undemanding read, aimed at the younger reader. What is interesting is what else it contains…

The first letter on the letters page is from a girl called Colleen Doran:

Colleen Doran's letter

As you can see, in the letter she mentions that she “want(s) to be a cartoonist, so (she) pays close attention to the comics, and studies and copies constantly.”

I wonder whatever happened to her?

And, no, you at the back there — don’t try writing to her, she no longer lives at that address. Blackie still lives next door though.