Three Girls advert

Pretty wordy ad this one. It ran in Heart Throbs #146, so was clearly aimed at a predominantly female audience. That particular issue was the end of the line for Heart Throbs, so DC was letting the readers know what other girl-friendly delights awaited them in the DC Universe proper, now that the romance line was gasping its last (though Young Love and Young Romance limped on for another few years).

Here we see that Lois was in the middle of her women’s liberation phase, all burning bras and hot pants (no bras were burnt on-panel however), Supergirl had just been awarded her very own title for the first time, after years of being a supporting player in Adventure Comics, and Wonder Woman was coming to the end of her Avengers-inspired, white catsuit period — architect Mike Sekowsky was gone, and the book was heading for the desk of Julie Schwartz, who had his own ideas of how to make the Amazon more successful. Sadly, Supergirl was cancelled after just ten issues, and Lois’s book folded the same month. Wonder Woman, of course, sailed merrily along, as ever, though Schwartz’s masterplan, clever enough as it was, didn’t significantly alter her fortunes. Luckily for her TV beckoned.

And Lois’s groovy roommates, Julie, Kristin and, er, chubby Marsha? Nope, I’m not gonna explain them to you, just go and buy yer own copies…

Truly, things would never be the same again.

Image ©2010 DC Comics