Tiger Boy. How great is he, eh? He can “stop a speeding train!” or “change the direction of a bullet!” or he can… er… “be a flower, or a cloud”… Oh, well. Perhaps not that spectacular after all. You have to wonder how he can stop a speeding train by changing into a cloud.

Anyway. Tiger Boy featured in Unearthly Spectaculars, one a fairly short-lived line of camp super-hero comics from Harvey — better known for their all-ages range starring the likes of Richie Rich and Casper, the Friendly Ghost. Edited by Joe Simon, the super-hero stuff was intended to cash-in on the sudden popularity of Marvel Comics. Sadly, though, they had none of the style or panache of Stan and Jack.

And, if you think Tiger Boy is dubious, wait ’til you get a load of Bee-Man…

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