Time Warp #2, January 1980

And so the 1980s arrived with a bang, heralded by this fine Mike Kaluta cover. As ever there is a lovely selection of art internally from Steve Ditko, Gil Kane, and Howard Chaykin amongst others, while the stories continue to plumb the depths familiar to anyone who’d read even a smattering of DC’s earlier SF output.

I did do love the Dollar Comic format though. Unavailable on these shores at the time — at least in the shops where I was — the adverts for them tantalised, and once I finally did manage to bag one at some seaside resort in 1979 (World’s Finest #245, if memory serves) it was as if I’d found the Holy Grail. I swear an ethereal light was shining on that thing even as the peel of a heavenly choir sounded all around…

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