Time Warp #5, July 1980

The final issue of this sci-fi anthology. Cover artist Mike Kaluta delivers yet another striking image, while inside Don Newton is about the biggest name penciller — though there is a fairly bizarre combination of Dick Ayers pencils and Jimmy Janes inks on one story. You’ll note that only the writers are credited on the cover, which seems a little odd.

Though this title was dead, DC tried one more time make SF acceptable to its readership. The month following the demise of Time Warp, the venerable Mystery in Space was revived. It was essentially more of the same, though in standard format rather than a Dollar Comic. And it lacked the Kaluta covers, though Joe Kubert ensured the quality remained high. Sadly, it was all for naught. The era of the anthology was over, and Mystery bit the dust after seven issues.

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