Romance comics ad

There were any number of these kind of ads on the back covers of DC’s various romance comics during the early 1960s, so here’s another. What red-blooded young gal could’ve ignored the call to “steal a kiss… capture a dream..?” As shown, the special heart logo unified the line and signified to the potential reader just what they were getting. It was a simpler time back then, of course, these days it wouldn’t just be the heart that was throbbing..!

Most of the DC romance material has never been reprinted — though I think there was a collection published in the late-70s — but Marvel has recently put out a trade paperback of some of its romance line. True, these aren’t absolutely the originals — they’ve been rewritten to feature wry/amusing/satirical dialogue — but some of it is very funny, and the art is as lovely as ever. There’s a stellar array of talent on display, from Kirby to Colan, and it’s well worth picking up.

image ©2010 DC Comics