So, don’t tell me, when you’ve been rifling through those stuffed back issue boxes at your local comics shop, you’ve always skipped past Tomahawk. “Nah, it’s just a western,” you thought, “I can safely give it a miss.” And, sure enough, if it was Rawhide Kid or Two Gun Kid (lots of kids in the old west, you know) you’d be correct. DC’s Tomahawk, however, is an entirely different beast. Someone clearly figured that straight forward tales of riding the range were just too dull. And what can spice up a western more than Frankenstein or a giant gorilla, eh?

It wasn’t unusual to find Tomahawk (aka Tom Hawk — clever, eh?), ostensibly a soldier around the time of the American Revolution, gaining the power of flight, discovering dinosaurs, becoming bullet proof, or fighting off aliens!

Tomahawk #103

Tomahawk #99

Tomahawk #93

Just imagine what big John Wayne coulda done with some of these scenarios!!

Image © 2011 DC Comics