Past, present and future clash in this ad from 1970. Tomahawk was a long-running series based around the adventures of a frontiersman in the mold of Davy Crockett. Anthro told the tale of a young cave lad. However, while Anthro (by Howie Post) was at least an attempt to do something a little different, Tomahawk was for the most past completely bonkers. In common with every other hero of the 1960s, Tomahawk could regularly be found battling aliens, giant robots, and purple gorillas.

With sales plumeting as late effort was made to update things. First up, Neal Adams supplied some great covers — such as the one on display here — and, for the final 10 issues, Joe Kubert took over as editor. He moved the time period on a few decades, showing an elderly Tomahawk who was now mentor to his half-Indian son. Kubert also installed the very underrated Frank Thorne as penciler, and the results are quite lovely. Here, Thorne’s style was definitely suited to its subject matter.

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