This ad ushered in a new series starring Joe Kubert’s stone age hero Tor. Originally created in the 1950s, Tor was something of a tour de force for the writer-artist. Immediately following his creation he was to star in one of the first 3-D comics, though the 3-D fad quickly died a death and the remainder of the five issues were printed regular style. For the new series in 1975 Kubert reworked his sample pages for a proposed newspaper strip into regular comic book format, and this formed the bulk of the first issue. After this, the series switched to reprints of the 1950s series.

However, “reprints” is not quite the correct term. According to Bill Schelly’s Kubert biography Man of Rock the art for Tor #2-6 is actually a re-creation of the originals by Al Dellinges, a long-time fan of Kubert. With the original art boards long gone, and no photostats available, Dellinges was paid $25 a page to redraw the art using the 1950s comics as a guide. To add a degree of authenticity to the project Kubert provided all-new covers for the series.

Unusually for comics, Kubert retained rights to the character and would return to Tor on many occasions. First there was an appearance in a late-1970s venture called Sojourn, which was followed in the early-90s by an oversize magazine series from Marvel, and finally a six-issue run from DC a couple of years ago.

Tor ©2010 Joe Kubert