Back Issue #21

The latest article I’ve written for Back Issue takes a look at the unpublished sequel to Marvel’s late-80s X-Men spin-off, Fallen Angels. Had it seen print, Fallen Angels 2 would have been a six-issue, prestige format series written by Jo Duffy, with pencils by Colleen Doran and inks by X-Men wonderkind Terry Austin. Colleen is of course most well-known for her work on her own series A Distant Soil, though she has also worked alongside some of the greatest names in the comics industry: Warren Ellis, Neil Gaiman, J Michael Straczynski and Stan Lee to name just a few.

My article features a slew of never-before-seen pages from the series, as well as an in-depth interview with Colleen about her experiences and disappointments working on Fallen Angels 2.

Back Issue #21 is where it all happens folks. Take a look at that lovely cover by Mick Zeck!

Further details about what is sure to be a fabulous read can be found here:


Back Issue #21 is also available for order from Diamond in the current Previews catalogue; it can be found in the Magazines section.