Fabulous full-page ad for Joe Kubert’s Viking Prince in The Brave and the Bold #23. That was the first issue to feature just a single character, the previous ones being anthologies of various characters in the heroic mold such as Robin Hood and the Silent Knight. DC repeated the trick the following issue, and then reinvented the title as a try-out book for new super-heroes in the Showcase tradition. First came the Suicide Squad, and then Julie Schwartz’s major revival of the Golden Age Justice Society as the Justice League of America in #28.

I notice that DC is soliciting a brand new 300-page hardcover collection of Kubert’s Viking Prince stories in the current Previews catalogue. Happily, it includes the bizarre story that saw a team-up between the Viking Prince and… Sgt Rock!! I kid you not.

That’s definitely one for my order this month!

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