Hawkman #10 cover

Hawkman #10, Oct-Nov 1965

Wow! Check out that gun. Now that’s what I call a way-out weapon! A stun gun featuring no less than seven barrels threatening to cut short the career of the winged wonder. Was there ever excitement more explosive than that supplied by C.A.W., the Criminal Alliance of the World? I think not. Editor Julie Schwartz isn’t afraid to reference the Cold War — not to mention the Hot War and the Secret War (shhh! don’t tell Jim Shooter) — to entice the potential purchaser. They don’t make covers like this any more, and I reckon that’s a shame. Your modern symbolic or action portrait covers are all well and good, but their very sameness detracts from their usefulness as a sales tool – in my humble opinion anyway.

Art by the ever brilliant Murphy Anderson. His work on this title was some of the very best of his career.

Image ©2010 DC Comics