Charlton Comics pin-up of the Partridge Family

For four season in the early 1970s those of, er, limited critical facilities when it came to music were able to bop along to the adventures of the musical family Partridge. The band was made up of mother (Shirley Jones, famous for her roles in Oklahoma! and Carousel), Keith, the eldest son, played by David Cassidy (who was, in real-life, Jones’s step son), eldest daughter Laurie (Susan Dey, later of LA Law fame) and several other offspring. The show followed the highjinx surrounding tours, musical performances and general family mayhem. As sitcoms go it was pretty standard fare, but some of the music was catchy enough and a few hits followed, propelling David Cassidy into the big time for a while. Naturally enough a hit show often leads to a comics spin-off, and sure enough Charlton Comics picked up the rights and published a series that ran for 21 issues, plus a few specials. The pin-up seen here was published in Teen Age Love #88 from 1972, and I’m imagining that those signatures don’t really belong to Cassidy and Dey.

Following the demise of The Partridge Family, and the comic, again as was often the way in the 1970s, there was a cartoon spin-off that propelled the family into space, as unlikely as that seems! The Partridge Family 2200AD ran for just one season unsurprisingly, and had little or no involvement from the actors in the parent show — nor was there a comics version.

We might not have had American Idol or The X Factor back then, but, let me tell you, there were screaming girls aplenty — and rarely a dry seat in the house — whenever David Cassidy appeared.

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