I’m in the process of moving my comics collection.

I’ve got somewhere in the region of 12,000 comics, so it’s a bit of a task. They’re currently stored in a haphazard manner in a variety of locations but I’ve decided that that has to change. I’ve bought some new shelving and am now sorting through everything; putting series in alphabetical order, and generally arranging the collection in a manner that makes some kind of sense. I’ve even bought myself one of those comic database programs so that once the sorting is done, and I’ve decided exactly what it is that I want to keep, I can have an up to date list of just what I’ve got. That’ll be a first for me!

Looking through all this stuff it’s amazing — almost alarming, in fact — just how much I don’t recognise. I was surprised to find a whole run of Teen Titans comics that I knew nothing about: it’s not just that I don’t remember reading them, I don’t even remember ordering or buying them! I’m starting to wonder whether this is the first recorded case of comics breeding in captivity…

Then there’s a range of Nexus mini-series, some peculiar comics by Los Bros Hernandez, and more than a few what-the-heck-was-I-thinking oddities like Relative Heroes and Glory! Where do they all come from?!