Bobo Whistles

The latest installment of Gorilla Daze’s look back at the adventures of DC’s 1950s simian detective.

“A Whistle for Bobo” opens with our hirsuit hero eagerly tearing open a cereal packet at the breakfast table. It seems he’s been looking forward to getting his hands on the toy whistle contained within the Super-Krunchies box. Sheriff Chase is soon driven to distraction by Bobo’s constant tootling.

Bobo and his whistle

There’s only one answer: yep, that’s right, in a flash of inspiration bordering on madness, Sheriff Chase desides to put Bobo on traffic duty, where he can blow his whistle with impunity. Genius!

Bobo traffic cop

After being warned to “Stay out of trouble!” Bobo takes up position on a traffic island at a busy intersection. At first he does okay, allowing old folks to cross the street, but soon the traffic is all snarled up. Furious drivers honk their horns at the hapless chimp.

Bobo directs traffic

In order to calm the situation, Bobo decides to start issuing tickets to cars that beep him. As he approaches one such vehicle, he spies a bag full of cash on the back seat. His suspicions aroused, Bobo speeds after the crooks on a bicycle — all the way blowing his whistle for them to stop.

Bobo issues a ticket

Some distance away, the crooks’ engine overheats and the car stalls. They fire wildly at Bobo, who leaps from his bike into some woodland. As the crooks search for him, Bobo leaps around all over the place blowing his whistle. The crooks are soon conviced that the entire county police force is in the woods surrounding them — and they meekly give themselves up to Sheriff Chase who arrives just in time.

“I can’t see how you did it, Bobo!” cries an impressed Chase, “Imagine outsmarting a gang of armed crooks!”

Bobo's reward

Later that evening, Bobo leans back contentedly in his office chair blowing away on an array of whistles that he’s received as thanks for his help in capturing the criminals.


A really lovely little 6-pager. Beautiful art from Carmine Infantino compliments the fun script by Gardner Fox. It’s an over-used phrase, but, y’know, they really don’t make ’em like this any more — and comics are all the poorer for it.

Just take another look at that panel where Bobo is directing traffic: those hands are brilliantly realised. Hands are difficult for an artist at the best of times, but Infantino was an absolute master at drawing expressive hand gestures.

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