cover to House of secrets #88

House of Secrets #88, October-November 1970

An early appearance her from our old pal, the gal in the white nightie. This moody cover is by Neal Adams, and pre-dates the majority of other entries in the Gothic Romance genre that ran rampant through comics for a couple of years in the early-1970s. I’m not sure if it’s her very first appearance, but it’s certainly early—and the first such appearance on House of Secrets, or House of Mystery come to that.

In case you’re wondering, this image has absolutely nothing to do with any of the stories in this anthology. This issues has a couple of tales by Gerry Conway and Marv Wolfman, with art by Dick Dillin, Frank Giacoia and Bill Draut. The closest to do justice to the cover is Wolfman and Dillin’s “The Morning Ghost” that concerns a young lady being chased by a gang of ghosts who just happen to be driving a four door saloon. Okay, it’s not lot like the cover, but at least it has a scared girl running from something scary.

This issue also sees a guest appearance from The Witching Hour hostess Cynthia as she visits Abel out of boredom, and regales him with some scary tales. She’s more than a match for the portly horror host, and scares the life out of him by giving him the pet name “Chuckles”.

Image ©2011 DC Comics