Wonder Woman #158

Wonder Woman #158, November 1965

“The Fury of Egg Fu!”

So, you’ll recall that at the end of the previous issue Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor had been turned into human bombs thanks to the diabolical Egg Fu. They’re none too pleased about this, naturally enough, and Trevor admonishes WW for attempting to save him in the first place. “Sorry, Steve,” she sobs, “– I-I guess I was only listening… to my heart!”


Realising that a man setting foot on Paradise Island can only mean disaster, WW whirls around like a propeller creating an updraft that sucks Trevor into the sky. The pair glide to a nearby island where WW promptly falls asleep. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Trevor leans over to kiss her and is startled by the resulting explosion! Seemingly none to upset by Steve’s actions, WW can only wonder “What woman could blame a man for wanting to kiss her?”


Trevor's kiss

The first kiss!

The explosive pair decide to go and fight Egg Fu back on Oolong Island, unaware that their every move is being watched by “the most incredible villain ever devised.” You can say what you like about Bob Kanigher, but he wasn’t afraid of hyperbole!

As our heroes take to the skies a huge meteor flies past. It is suddenly completely destroyed by a smaller fragment of rock. Wonder Woman surmises that the small fragment must have been made of anti-matter, and then goes on to make the startling assumption that if she and Steve can find more anti-matter it will cure them of Egg Fu’s explosive curse! Obviously Kanigher was not big on science…

An anti-matter cure

WW and Trevor land on Oolong and are immediately assaulted by machine gun fire from Egg Fu’s army. WW has fun playing bullets and bracelets. “You play ping-pong with those slugs, beautiful!” commands Trevor, helpfully. He then uses his explosive touch to decimate the army. “Steve — you were wonderful!” coos WW, “I could kiss you!” She does just that, and the pair explode once more!

Another explosive kiss

After defeating a battalion of tanks, WW and Trevor are captured by the dastardly Egg Fu. He lassos them together with his prehensile moustache. They explode wildly.

Hurled aloft

With the pair rendered almost unconscious by the constant explosions, Egg Fu hurls them high into the sky… where a fragment of anti-matter just happens to come along. WW grabs it and there is a huge blast. The pair are cured! Hooray!

Egg Fu defeated!

WW lassos Egg Fu with her gleaming lasso and commands him to stop his villainy. Egg Fu desparately tries to resist, but the effort finally shatters him into a thousand pieces.

WW and Trevor zoom off in the invisible plane to adventures new. “If I’m dreaming — don’t wake me up! If I am — kiss me!” begs Trevor.

“Ohhh– Steve!” is WW’s only reply.


Yep, you read that right: Steve Trevor turns his amorous attentions on an unconscious girl. What a cad! Hey — he deserved to die. Twice!

This issue marked the end of an era. After the best part of a decade telling increasingly outlandish (and desperate) Wonder Woman tales, editor and writer Bob Kanigher decided to ring in the changes. In the second story of the issue, Kanigher is seen to assemble the cast of characters from the previous few years in his office, whereupon he fires them! But we’ll deal with that little masterpiece at a later date. Suffice it to say that in the next issue WW’s origin was retold and the title relaunched in a very different style.

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