DC’s two premier super-heroines do battle in the pages of Wonder Woman #177, as this ad trumpets. However, the real question here might not be “who is the mightiest?”, but rather, was this really “the most incredible adventure ever”? Sadly not. And I’m not entirely sure getting to marry a guy with a big K on his chest would really be that much of an honour, but then maybe he’s not all he seems, eh?

Written by our old friend Bill Finger, this was the last issue of Princess Diana’s comic before she had the big Mike Sekowsky makeover: losing her powers, taking to dressing in white, and being seen about town on the arm of a wizened, blind oriental gentleman. So, in effect, this was the last Silver Age appearance of the “proper” Wonder Woman. She wouldn’t return until the mid-70s, when she had to undergo the ignominy of being “tested” for a role in the Justice League! Who knows, perhaps the 70s were just too dangerous for a girl…

Art by Irv Novick.

Image ©2010 DC Comics