Aurora ad for Superman, Batman, Superboy and Wonder Woman kits

So, we got Batman swinging heroically from a tree; Superman smashing mightily though a wall; Superboy and Krypto engaging—an admittedly tiny—dragon; while Wonder Woman is menaced by… some tentacles. How Freudian. Or, for those of a more recent bent, how anime. Anime is full of girls being attacked by tentacles. Still, nice to see the Aurora designers got a bit of bondage in there too: that fits in very well with practically all of the amazing Amazon’s pre-1960s career—and not a little subsequent to that!

These kind of kits were quite popular once upon a time. Though I never had any of these particular ones, I did have one based on Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, and a couple of dinosaur/cavemen efforts. I’d imagine youngsters these days would be less than thrilled to receive these kits—not only are they wildly inanimate, they also need to be snapped and glued together first! I can see why the X-box might have more appeal, though they lack the heady, potentially brain-altering fumes of the model cement and paints.

Lovely artwork by Murphy Anderson.

Image ©2012 Aurora Plastics Corporation (if still applicable)