A fabulous full-page ad to announce the big changes DC wrought upon its number one heroine in 1968. Under the auspices of long-time JLA penciller Mike Sekowsky, who quickly took over the writing as well as the art, Princess Diana was stripped of all the familiar trappings. Out went Paradise Island, the Amazons, the invisible plane, and even the star spangled outfit. In its place Sekowsky (along with writer Denny O’Neil and inker Dick Giordano) brought in a fashion boutique for Diana to manage, a blind oriental mentor, and an all-white action outfit.

In a contemporaneous collected edition of some of the Amazon’s Golden Age adventures Gloria Steinem decried these changes, but I rather liked them. Influenced by TV’s The Avengers (with I-Ching in the Steed role, and Diana herself as Mrs Peel), the new direction was a bold move — as well as a desperate attempt to get sales moving. It seems not to have worked as, after a few years, Sekowsky was gone, the spangles came back, and the status quo was restored. But while it lasted, it was glorious!

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