Just to prove that it’s not all DC round here, and that I can be just as Marvelite as the next man, here’s my favourite house ad of all time. DC generally did more fun ads than Marvel, but occasionally Marvel pulled off something rather special. This particular ad ran in mid-1984, and announced the arrival of new regular penciler Bill Sienkiewicz on the New Mutants title. And whadaya know — it worked! This ad made me sit up and take notice, and I went out and bought New Mutants for the first time ever.

“Don’t call ’em X-babies any more!” No siree! As a hormone-filled tennager at the time — as opposed to my current status as a hormone-filled 40 year old — I instantly fell in love with Illyana. She’s the blonde chick right there in the middle, and for a long time she was my favourite Marvel character.

I kept on buying the New Mutants right until the eve of the arrival of a certain Mr Liefeld on art. Not bad for one little ad, eh?

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