ad for DC's 100-Page comics

Unusual house ad for a couple of DC’s then-current 100-Page Super Spectacular format. DC first experimented with this large size in the early 1970s with a specific 100-Page Super-Spectacular title, but the format then fell into abeyance for a while before being resurrected around mid-1973. For the next year or so a lot of titles were blessed with additional pages filled with a host of reprints and filler, some appropriate, some not — often it seemed as if the reprints were just plucked out of the air to plug a gap. But, generally speaking, these 100-pagers were great value, and still have the power fill the young at heart with glee. Marvel tried a Giant-Size line at around the same time, but they had far fewer pages, and it just wasn’t the same.

Image ©2010 DC Comics